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They used both belts and their fists to beat the youngster - in at least one case, until they 'felt a bone crack'.

Because the panel could not reach a consensus, the judge was required to sentence Williams to a life term, capping what was the first death penalty case to go to trial in Hawaii since it became a state.Chlorophyll is based upon a porphyrin ring derived from amine monomer units, and is important in the capture of the energy needed for life.Nucleic acid monomers are made from a carbohydrate monosaccharide, a nitrogenous base and one or more high energy phosphate groups.That, too, was not substantiated." [source]So unless you are reporting from the battlefield, please spare me the blanket denunciations against the Taliban (or any other resistance for that matter).I prefer not to base my judgments on press releases and government officials, especially when it's in their blatant interests to obfuscate the truth.

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