Active directory sharepoint user validating

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a user can access on a Share Point site once they have been successfully authenticated.Share Point 2013 supports the following authentication types: Windows Authentication is the simplest because it takes advantage of a company’s existing authentication provider (i.e.Active Directory) to validate a user’s credentials and, consequently, grant or deny access to Share Point sites.

With that being said, I find the authentication dance to be the hardest part of working with the Office 365 APIs hence why I’m covering it in a few posts here.LDAP, ADSI and SDSLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is an industry standard directory access protocol (basically set of protocols) for accessing information directories.In Windows, LDAP is the primary way the Operating System accesses the Active Directory database.Active Directory administration involves managing the life cycle of directory objects from initial creation, modification, searching to deletion. User's login using SDS (ADSI) and Database Authenticate a user against the Active Directory using the user ID and password.When a user wants to login to your software, he can login using network user/pass provided to him by network administrator.

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