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Women may also choose to do a self taken vaginal swab. The treatment consists of a single dose of antibiotics which will either be 2 or 4 tablets taken all at once.You should then either abstain from sexual activity for 1 week or use condoms.There are a lot of trails around the farm: as you walk on the footpaths, deep down are remains of two World War II planes beneath your feet – a Wellington Bomber and a Mosquito.

Glebe Farm is a cereal farm growing and producing gluten-free porridge oats.You may not know as 70-80% of infected women and over 50% of men will have no symptoms.If you were to have symptoms it usually occurs 1-3 weeks after coming in contact with the infection, women may notice bleeding between periods, bleeding after sex, unusual vaginal discharge or think they have urinary tract infection or cystitis.For eating out, the farm's owners recommend the two-mile walk to the Crown Inn, a traditional village pub with tasty food.There's also a good choice of pubs, restaurants and cafés in Huntingdon, St Ives and in the local villages.

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