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Later in 2003 she won award in Hollywood Film Festival for the title Best Actress of the year.

I just didn’t take advice and I think people got pissed off at me for not taking advice.” The entire interview is a great read, and definitely worth checking out, if only to see how the careers of young stars can be throttled, not by drugs and scandals, but by changing times, an unwillingness to compromise, and simply rubbing people the wrong way. Over on The Guardian, entertainment reporter Hadley Freeman talks with Thora Birch about the trajectory of her career, from Golden Globe nominated actress in popular films like Ghost World and American Beauty to, most recently, being fired from an off-Broadway play she got fired from after her father/manager physically threatened another actor.It’s a fascinating piece, and the discussion in it mostly revolves around what happened to Birch’s career, and what she’s doing to get it back. A lot of it was bullshit.” Has she felt that for a long time that people are trying to get her, that they’re angry with her? “Because I should just shut up.” Because she’s a young woman? “All of it.” Her career problems aren’t entirely as a result of her own self-described bad reputation.In her own words, she "simply hid and watched what happens".It turned out that Alison is soon found and invited to television.

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