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Tinder is the hooks-up app, and it’s absolutely free and available for both i Phone and Android.I have always been very fascinated by motion sensor software but if a fully-fledged security system is likely to bankrupt your wallet, then there are always freeware alternatives which you can hook up to your webcam.Once all that is done, click on the image and that will bring up your options : Once the options are saved, you can close the open Secure Cam windows so there is only a small icon left in the taskbar.But behind that icon, here’s what’s going on in the background.For 9, we found the Drop Cam Pro to be just what we were looking for.Its 720p HD 1280 x 720 at 30 frames/sec is about as good as it gets! Click the Auto Start Playback button and copy the code.

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Just download drivers to your PC/Mac and you're ready to go! Anyone can install it." Install required Windows or Mac OS X drivers from You may also like our Kinoni Barcode Reader app, it turns your i Phone into barcode scanner.

In a few minutes we connected it to our Wi Fi and set it up. You can purchase it on Amazon or directly from the manufacturer at https:// Email your web developer (or yourself) the embed code. Paste the code on your website (Insert HTML) Now you’ve got a link to share with people on your website!

If you want it to save 7 full days of video at a time for security purposes, it will only run you per year. You can set it up using the supplied USB cable and connecting it to your Windows PC or Apple computer as shown in this official 2 minute video. Once you’re feed is live, you can spread the word and give people the link for your webcam on your website! state=Wisconsin reach out to some local news sites, tourism sites, city websites, universities, and weather websites by searching Google for webcam [insert your city] or weather cam [insert your city].

People love high quality video, especially when it’s something they’re curious about.

By the end of 2014, 84% of Internet traffic will be video (according to Cisco and other numerous sources).

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