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1 Users in the Arab countries2—or, as termed by Microsoft—“Arabian countries”—are prevented from conducting certain search queries in both English and Arabic.

ONI testing reveals that Microsoft filters Arabic and English keywords that could yield sex- or LGBT-related images and content.

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Aus diesem Grund werden wir Sie auch nie dazu auffordern sich mit den Benutzer-Konten ihrer sozialen Netzwerke anzumelden.

Zudem haben wir auch noch weitere Funktionalitäten speziell dazu entworfen, ihr privates Leben privat zu halten - aus welchen Gründen auch immer.

Testing was conducted in four Arab countries chosen for their different levels of Internet censorship as uncovered by the latest ONI research.

These countries are the United Arab Emirates (substantial political filtering and pervasive social filtering),5 Syria (pervasive political filtering and selective social filtering),6 Algeria (no evidence of filtering),7 and Jordan (selective political filtering and no evidence of social filtering).8 All testing was conducted in the period of January 2-15, 2010.

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