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Now those tables have turned and the end result is simply disastrous. 30th print edition of GLOBE magazine has shots of Camilla aboard a yacht off the coast of Spain and she actually is staring right at the camera as she drops her top for the world to see.

Just one more reason why Camilla will never ever sit atop that throne as queen!

"Grantchester" is another ITV effort that hopes to enjoy the same appointment television status as "Downton Abbey," sharing a similar visual scheme and scoring efforts, only here the mission is one of murder and introspection.

It's a mystery show with limited screentime to work out the details of the crimes, but it manages to compact a substantial sense of investigation with each episode, following Sidney and Keating as they try to find procedural balance between a priest and a cop, growing to depend on each other as the cases grow increasingly complicated.

Its 1953, and Sidney Chambers is vicar of Grantchester, a village just outside Cambridge. Or at least, it has been right up until the moment that murder comes his way.

For more about Grantchester: Season One and the Grantchester: Season One Blu-ray release, see Grantchester: Season One Blu-ray Review published by Sidney Chambers is a most unusual protagonist for a murder mystery show.

Detective Inspector Richard Poole is transferred to Saint Marie, an island in the Caribbean.

Totally unsuited to the Caribbean way of life, Richard hates the sun, sea and sand and isn't used to the Saint Marie style of policing.

There's unrequited love for Amanda (Morven Christie), a dear friend he can't work up the nerve to commit to, and he's befriended Detective Inspector Keating (Robson Green), a moody cop who takes to the priest's company and admires his ability to drink.

The year is 1976 and Nigeria is on the brink of civil war.

Some soldiers have decided to join the Dimka’s coup, inciting internal violence and unrest, leading to the eventual assassination of General Murtala Ramat Muhammed.

Having done so, he finds himself seconded to the local police force as the dead man's replacement.

Poole proves to be a brilliant detective, solving several complex murders.

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