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[8 Grisly Archaeological Discoveries]“I was studying the remains of Mesolithic animals from the Santa Maria site, and suddenly I identified a human distal humerus — an elbow — and it was full of cuts,” Morales-Pérez wrote in an email to Live Science.

He quickly told his thesis director, “Emili, we have a man here!

Oberhansley is charged with murder, rape and abuse of a corpse in the September 2014 slaying of 46-year-old Tammy Jo Blanton.

But proving what anthropologists call 'anthropophagic practices' within ancient cultures is no simple task.

Clark County Circuit Court Judge Vicki Carmichael this week granted their request for evaluations.

The reports that Oberhansley told the judge he was "completely innocent of all of these false charges'' and is "completely competent".

But the Federal Court of Justice overturned the verdict, arguing that the regional court had failed to sufficiently probe whether the victim had actually killed himself through strangulation - as the accused had claimed.

It also disputed the sentence imposed by the Dresden court as too lenient for a murder conviction, and ordered a retrial.

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