Cpap dating love

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I had never fallen asleep suddenly, but the early signs of narcolepsy were daytime tiredness. The night time sleep study was okay, but the doctor had also recommended a daytime study to test for narcolepsy — I had to take a nap every two hours for 10 minutes to monitor my sleep cycling. I was less terrified of a sleep disorder than I was of having one ­– all I wanted was an answer, and hopefully some sort of treatment. Everything I had ever seen about sleep apnea had pointed to the fact that it is a disease that only occurs in overweight, older men.

Fact: CPAP may be the first step toward rekindling your love life.

I was also tired school — movie days were my favorite, because I could rest without people noticing. Actually, nine hours a night definitely did feel like too little.

“It’s probably just normal teenage growth stuff,” the doctor said. Each year I asked why I was so tired, and I got the same tests done. However, so did 15 hours a night, which was my record at one point. However, after about five minutes, I realized that I could not think that way.

That was the year when I first went to the doctor to seek out help for fatigue. Read her blog, and follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

My mom took me, as­ I had been napping almost every day when I got home from school.

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