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Jewish communities have been documented in 465 in Vannes (Brittany), in 524 in Valence and in 533 in Orleans.Jewish immigration increased during this period and attempts were made to convert the Jews to Christianity.Between January and November 2015, 6,500 French Jews made aliyah, and thousands more are predicted to make their way to Israel by the new year.Learn More - Cities of France: Alsace | Arles | Avignon | Bayonne | Bordeaux | Burgundy | Chambery | Champagne | Dijon | Fontainebleau | Lyons | Montpellier | Nice | Orléans | Paris |Rheims | Savoy | Toulon | Vienne SEE ALL CITIES A Jewish presence existed in France during the Roman period, but the community mainly consisted of isolated individuals, rather than an established community.It was my responsibility to attract new songwriters and I wanted to buy the rights to "Tous les jours".Europe 1 put me on to EMI who told me the song had been written by Claude-Michel. At that first meeting I was amazed by the contrast between his appearance and this very sweet little song he had written for a sweet 16-year-old girl. Pretty soon, we found out that we came from fairly similar backgrounds.Jews have contributed to all aspects of French culture and society and have excelled in finance, medicine, theater and literature.Currently, France hosts Europe’s largest Jewish community - 480,000 strong - and Paris is said to have more kosher restaurants than even New York City.

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Boublil and Schonberg's partnership is one of the most successful in musical history, producing Les Miserables, Miss Saigon and Martin Guerre, which won the 1996 Olivier Award for Best Musical and is about to reopen, in revised form, in Leeds ALAIN BOUBLIL: One day in 1968 I was driving across Paris with my car radio on, tuned to the Europe 1 station, when I heard a pop song performed by a young girl called Patricia. Directed by Alain Resnais, it was made ten years after the liberation of Nazi concentration camps.The title is taken from the notorious Nacht und Nebel (German for "Night and Fog") program of abductions and disappearances decreed by the Nazis on 7 December 1941.This is intended to be a blog which is an inter-action between post and comments.The classic blog was a webmaster making posts and people making comments on that post.

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