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Darkness continued through the devastation of World War I.

However, by the mid 1920s, quilt colors changed from the somber blacks and browns of mourning to a more cheerful palette of pastels made possible by advances in newer dyes.

There are dozens of different fabrics pieced here, creating a quilt perfect for a fabric "junkie".

The hexagons are all outline quilted and the center of each hexagon has a quilted circle.

This should be required reading for anyone interested in antique and vintage quilts and She does a great job describing the hallmarks of import quilts and has an extensive picture gallery of many of the most common quilts that are appearing at on-line auctions.If the quilt is a gift, the recipient's name can be included.If the quilt celebrates a special occasion or event, that should be included as well.The presentation is a combination Power Point and trunk show of quilts from her collection with quilts made over the past 200 years.She will highlight various patterns and their history in gardening and quilting.

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