Dexter dating lumen

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Plus, Colleton dishes on whether Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) will find out, and if Dexter is ready for a new relationship after the heartbreak from Lumen (Julia Stiles).If last season was about atonement, what would you say Season 6 is about?

Colleton: There are things in life that Dexter's dealing with and one of them is that Harrison is now 2 years old and he has to go to school.Let’s face it — Dexter, as a series, has been on a downslide since its apex in season four, with John Lithgow (hands-down Dexter’s best psychopathic foil) and Rita’s murder (arguably second only to Game of Thrones in terms of shocking character deaths in recent years).Season five introduced Lumen, Dexter’s rebound love interest and avenging-angel-in-training; I’m not sure whether fans were still loyal to Rita, or if the inexplicable anti–Julia Stiles backlash coupled with Lithgow withdrawal were too much to overcome, but that story arc fell flat. Olmos and Colin Hanks were more campy than creepy, and the gimmick of whether Professor Gellar was alive or dead wore thin."But after everything she’s been through with him it’s hard for her to entertain any serious thoughts of romance with him.Her feelings are so much more complicated for him now.” Speaking of Dexter's lovelife however, we know Yvonne Strahovski's Hannah Mc Kay will resurface at some point, but what of Dexter's past love interests, or lingering characters for that matter?

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