Eve online corporation standings not updating

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In order to run missions for an agent, you must have high enough standings with that agent.The higher that agent's level and quality level, the higher your standings need to be. The Traditional Grind Whenever you kill an NPC, your standings decrease to that NPC's corporation and faction, and increase among that faction's enemies.Furthermore, having a character in a trade hub allows you to sell off expensive loot at a good price, and buying expensive ships and modules at a relatively low price, using sell orders and buy orders respectively.An additional character for station trading does require training though.

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Higher standings can also lower your taxes and increase reprocessing yield.Poor standings might make a faction's navy attack you in its space.The only way to increase your standing with a corporation is to complete missions for that corporation.CONCORD will now respond if a player who is not involved in a war is aggressed within a gang in High Security space.The Omen Navy Issue cruiser has been created and replaces the old Augoror Navy Issue as the Tier II Amarr faction cruiser.

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