Family violence and the perpetrator of adolescent dating violence matchmaking dating site

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For females, destructive direct and destructive indirect anger expression styles mediated the relationship between experiencing family violence and dating violence perpetration.

For males, this relationship was mediated primarily by destructive direct anger expression style.

There is a common misconception that aggression is stable over time.

Definitions We use the phrase “teen dating violence” (TDV) because that is the language generally used by advocates and the public health community to describe abusive and controlling behaviors in adolescent relationships.

We use the term for the sake of consistency in sharing common language, but there are few important points to be made about this phrase…

The following resources help to equip child welfare professionals with information on how to prevent and respond to teen dating violence.

The Date Safe Project Provides schools, students, and parents with educational resources to help address teen dating and sexual assault awareness in the community.

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