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They contribute to raise the professional and scientific profile of ICA.

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It consists of a weathering rind in which weathering has turned some of the feldspar into clay, resulting in a softer material, rated 3 to 4 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, which can be scratched.

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Javier Cabrera Darquea, a Peruvian physician, received a small carved rock as a gift for his birthday.

ALA - Asociación Latinoamericana de Archivos ARBICA - Arab Regional Branch CARBICA - Caribbean Regional Branch CENARBICA - Central Africa Regional Branch EASTICA - East Asian Regional Branch ESARBICA - Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Branch EURASICA - Eurasia Regional Branch EURBICA - European Regional Branch NAANICA - North American Archival Network PARBICA - Pacific Regional Branch SARBICA - Southeast Asian Regional Branch SWARBICA - South and West Asian Regional Branch WARBICA - West African Regional Branch SAE - Section for Education and Training SAFT - Section for Archives of Faith Traditions SAN - Section on Notarial Archives SAR - Section on Architectural Archives SBA - Section on Business Archives SIO - Section on International Organisations SLA - Litterary and Artistic Archives SLMT - Section on Local, Municipal and Territorial Archives SPA - Section of Professional Associations SPO - Section on Sport Archives SPP - Section for Archives of Parliaments and Political Parties SUV - Section on University Archives - Would you like to do something worthwhile with your time and boost your professional knowledge and contacts? - Volunteers are a vital element in the ICA's work.

They disseminate knowledge both within the ICA community and to the wider world, and they drive some of the Council's key membership bodies.

These are recognised as modern curiosities or hoaxes.

From the 1960s Javier Cabrera Darquea collected and popularized the stones, obtaining many of them from a farmer named Basilio Uschuya.

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