Jill scott on black men dating white women

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magazine, the singer-actress penned a commentary in which she described feeling her "spirit wince" upon discovering that a black male acquaintance of hers had a white wife.But when Scott, along with the rapper Common, recently made the guest list for a White House poetry reading, conservatives such as Matt Drudge balked at the choice because of Scott's previous remarks on interracial marriage.

A bigot is a person who is partial to their own group or way of thinking and intolerant of others.

I’ve got some really incredible friends who look out for me and look out for my son. He takes time to spend with his son.”“If you’re scared of me, I will eat you. I’ll end up doing all that and feel and about it.” “The biggest pointer for a man dealing with me is that you have to treat me like a person, and you have to treat me like a lady,” she said.

There’s no point in me dating someone who’s afraid of me because I can walk all over you.

The notion that we must seek a partner based on race, rather than emotion, is what I fundamentally disagree with." Kelly said: "Thanks Jill.

My new friend is handsome, African-American, intelligent and seemingly wealthy.

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