Motorcyclist dating

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Believe it or not, there are some very subliminal and undocumented rules regarding this situation – and I’m going to share them with you now. If you both are either wearing a DOT helmet or not odds increased again.

Equity and the Odds of Engagement The odds of receiving a wave from an oncoming biker are first and foremost governed by the “laws of equity.” This means that the more things you have in common with him the better chance he will engage as either the initiator or the replier. If you both are riding the same “type” of bike, such as chopper, rocket or touring motorcycle, then your odds are increased as well. IF you both are riding Harleys and not wearing a DOT helmet “and im not telling you not to wear a DOT helmet,” the odds of a hand gesture between the two of you are VERY high.

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As a members, you can also select to looking for riding passenger or a available motorcycle backseat.

All users take advantages of full control of who can see their profile or photos, and several search options make sure that every member can find a local biker girl or motorcycle man.

Biker Planet was launched as a motorcycle online store in 2001, and then changed to a biker community affiliated with Biker Kiss starting from 2003.

This site is the biggest and most easy-to-use dating club which is customized for Harley riders.

The Harley Dating Site has allied with more than 700 Harley motorcycle clubs in US, UK, Canada and Australia.

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