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The 2000s in particular were an ugly mess, one that compromised the ratings of the show (especially among the young) and contributed to the overall deterioration of its genre.(As I have always said, “As goes the same kind of renewed enthusiasm that exploded last Wednesday after that outstanding episode than to bring back some of the popular characters that have been killed off over the years seemingly without regard for the preferences of veteran viewers or for anyone who had been encouraged to follow the stories of those characters for many years (or several decades).First, in 1996, Nikolas reunited with Laura (Genie Francis), the mother who had abandoned him as an infant on Cassadine Island.

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The couple reunites and marries in 2005, facing financial struggles, and Lucky becomes a father figure to Elizabeth's son Cameron.Fans will accept just about anything if soap opera writers give them what they want, and if given what they want said fans are more likely to stick around.That brings me back to , which since the beginning of this millennium has forced fans to endure too many punishing blows by killing off popular characters, most of them “good” people, while murderers and psychopaths survive and thrive.They somehow managed to expand the collective history of many of the show’s primary and secondary characters – dating all the way back to the very first episode in April 1963 – , something far too many reckless soap opera writers have been allowed to do over the years. For any soap opera, the right writers can correct the egregious storytelling errors made by past creative regimes – particularly those that were unpopular with audiences and perhaps drove viewers away.This is something the showrunners and writers of the four remaining broadcast soaps must keep in mind if the genre is to survive. Viewers must come first, above and beyond the desires and demands and preferences of actors, writers and everyone else involved.

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