Policies mandating

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Many European university mandates have taken the form of administrative requirements, whereas many U. university mandates have taken the form of a unanimous or near-unanimous self-imposed faculty consensus "Mandate" can mean either "authorize" or "oblige".

Mandated HIV education in Oklahoma teaches that among other behaviors that "homosexual activity" is considered to be "responsible for contact with the AIDS virus." Your support enables the Guttmacher Institute to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights in the United States and globally through our interrelated program of high-quality research, evidence-based advocacy and strategic communications.Open-access advocate Peter Suber has remarked that "'mandate' is not a good word..." for open-access policies, "..neither is any other English word." Mandates are stronger than policies which either request or encourage open access, because they require that authors provide open access.Some mandates allow the author to opt out if they give reasons for doing so.Since the mid-1990s, several states have moved to make ultrasound part of abortion service provision.Some laws and policies require that a woman seeking an abortion receive information on accessing ultrasound services, while others require that a woman undergo an ultrasound before an abortion.

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