Self liquidating scrip money

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Your current financial position is unimportant under this plan. Answers to ALL of these questions and many more are answered in our "FULL DISCLOSURE REPORT - SELF-LIQUIDATING (ARBITRAGE) LOANS." Our report even tells you how to get almost ANY BANK in the world to make the loan for you - using Prime Bank Notes.

Needless to say, you have probably seen hundreds (maybe even thousands) of offers over the past ten to twenty years - but - have you been able to get a Self-Liquidating (Arbitrage) Loan? (We even tell you WHERE you can get Prime Bank Notes).

Of course, since you will be buying the required collateral and income-producing instruments from the loan proceeds, your credit history does not matter. How can it be a rip-off if there aren't any front-fees involved? Could I do a Self-Liquidating Loan in a smaller amount and have a better chance of success?

We repeat that All you have to have is a viable project for which the fall-out from the loan will be used. Can I do a Self-Liquidating Loan locally; In my own home town?

Since the issue was nationally publicized, requests for the wooden nickels were received from every state in the union. The basic design is the same for all pieces, with denomination and text on the face, the Peace Arch at center, and the inscription around on the back.

Louis May 1988 Blaine, Washington Emergency Money and the Great Depression By Nancy & John Wilson The wooden scrip from Blaine, Washington, was issued during the depression of 1933 by the Blaine Relief Association.

This scrip came into existence in 1933 at the request of Albert Balch, then president of the Blaine Chamber of Commerce.

The translations of self-liquidating from English to other languages presented in this section have been obtained through automatic statistical translation; where the essential translation unit is the word «self-liquidating» in English.

The graph expresses the annual evolution of the frequency of use of the word «self-liquidating» during the past 500 years. It is called by this name because the premium itself pays for its cost or nearly all its cost.

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