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It follows American Express's Centurion charge card - a piece of black plastic with such snob value that you can't just apply for it - far too try hard. Later this year, Barclaycard is planning to muscle in on this prized market with its own exclusive black credit card. Not long ago platinum - and before that gold - was the last word in seriously sought-after plastic.

Today, a school-leaver could buy into this "exclusive club" without much trouble. Its gold card is available to anyone earning 12,000 a year, the platinum to those taking home a salary of 15,000.

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When it comes to shopping in the boutiques of Beverley Hills, these days it's not what you're buying so much as how you are buying it. But in terms of plastic, the colour of serious money is neither gold, nor platinum, but black.

This week Nat West bank launched a new, black credit card exclusively for its wealthiest customers.

Too many creditors have recently reviewed your credit report.

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BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA -- I have been a customer with AMEX for the past three years.

I have always paid on time and never went over the credit limit.

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