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It’s at this point, of course, that you might be thinking that their antics should be curtailed for fear of one of their work-colleagues interrupting them – but by now both buddies are way too horned-up to fret about anything like that.

Something was amiss, but unless you had a larger “data set” to look at—or a formerly thriving online business that was now getting —it probably wasn’t something that you noticed or paid that much attention to. As I write this, our Facebook fans now number over 53,000, not quite double what it was then, but give it another month or so and it will be.

When we first noticed the problem, our blog had about 29,000 Facebook “likes.” Our traffic was growing 20% month over month, but our Facebook fans grew at a far faster pace. 53,000 is a more than respectable number of Facebook fans for a blog that’s only been around for a little over three years.

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