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Linked file is newer The linked file is newer than the block definition.Linked file is different The linked file and the block definition do not match.Up to date The block definition and link file match.Linked file is older The linked file is older than the block definition.Using the default parser, sw-description follows the syntax rules described in the libconfig manual.Please take a look at an explanation of basic types.Because the external parser can be written in Lua and it is completely customizable, everybody can set his own rules. By identifying which is the running device, the parser return a table containing the images that must be installed and their associated handlers.

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So you have to rebuild or clean/build the solution.

Would salsa20 umac be a good choice for encryption/authentication? I presume that would mean I would have to implement tls on the embedded device and set it up for the ble link on the mobile apps.

Encrypting the file seemed simple as it required no change to the mobile apps.

Each device has its own kernel, dtb and root filesystem, or they can share some parts.

Currently this is managed (and already used in a real project) by writing an own parser, that checks which images must be installed after recognizing which is the device where software is running.

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