Updating your flashpaq

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These features include the ability to save stock settings, adjust shift points, adjust shift firmness, raise speed and rev limiters, recalibrate speedometers for tire size change, and read and clear diagnostic trouble codes..If you want neck snapping, tire smoking power out of your late model Small Block, Flashpaq has your what youre looking for: Power Gains up to 23 HP & 25ft/lbs more torque!Cannot Establish a Secure Connection The Internet Browser you are using cannot establish a secure connection to Summit or Java Script is disabled.If Java Script is disabled, please enable it to be able to complete an order on our site.Following instructions I downloaded the required program to update the device (BTW, it's not supported by Mac).I updated device per the instructions and attempted to tune the Jeep. Be sure to order the correct unit for your vehicle.

The FLASHPAQ offers the most advanced drivetrain tuning capabilities available in a plug-in tuner.

I use the 87 oct program and see a better power band, better mileage (1-2 mpg) and you can actually feel the difference.

The Crawl Mode improves my rock crawling experience, it seems to change the throttle response (and other things) and allows me to control the torque far better than stock and I do far less tire spinning and bouncing, which as you know breaks stuff.

And I noticed the engine felt a little more responsive. The 3.6 is a gutless wonder but after using the flashpaq it makes driving my jeep much better.

Retuned to compensate for my 37" tires and did the 87 octane tune on a 2013 Jeep Jk. It corrected my mpg (underestimated due to size of tire). I've owned and used this product for about 9 months now.

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